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Premium Beauty, products spotlight

Premium Beauty, products spotlight

Stop wasting time and money, and clear out your product-cluttered countertops. Heidi Skin by Heidi Callender™ crafts premium, all-natural beauty products for your whole body to help you love yourself, as yourself! (Gal 5:14) 

Here’s how…

Our flagship Silver Serum, a full body anti-aging marvel that rejuvenates and repairs any skin, anywhere provides non-greasy, light moist with a (patent-pending) novel finish to tighten and impart a luminous glow to all your skin. It combats dark spots and pigmentation, rejuvenates the complexion, and provides essential hydration for a supple and youthful appearance. With a soft hint of lavender, it adds a touch of elegance to your skin ritual.

Start seeing up to 80% wrinkle reduction in as little as 8 weeks while you sleep. This patented Deep Wrinkle Reducer is backed by a clinical study using cutting-edge wound healing egg membrane to achieve topical anti-aging results. For smoother, more youthful-looking skin, this powerful cream targets and diminishes deep wrinkles. It is free of eggshell grit because this innovation uses only the collagen packed, clear egg membrane. So, indulge in this luxurious fix overnight while you sleep.

Our Cleanser is face and body wash, and a must-have in your skincare routine. Now available in a convenient shower-friendly pump bottle, our cleanser is perfect for all-over cleansing. It effortlessly purifies, removes oil, doubles as a make-up remover, and leaves the skin feeling squeaky clean. What's more, our formula is all-natural and gentle, making it an ideal choice for those with sensitivities seeking pristine skin.

For ultimate skin rejuvenation, our Salt Scrub integrates Pacific fine salt crystals into exfoliate and revitalizes the skin with every use. The non-separating formula glides over the skin and goes beyond scrubbing to provide a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home. Our signature smell adds a touch of luxury to your self-care ritual with the refreshing scent of clean linen, woody vanilla, and delicate floral undertones.

Say goodbye to unwanted odors with our patented, fragranced De•odorizing Body Spray! Replace your deodorant sticks and stones for this all natural hops-based odor inhibitor. An aluminum-free, gentle and non-irritating odor eliminator for under arms, feet, and even private parts. Unlike other natural deodorants such as LUME™, our Body Spray effectively neutralizes and prevents odors by isolating only one noxious bacteria strain; leaving the rest of your skin’s biome in tact, not killing all the good with the bad.  Feel confident and revitalized all day long. Fragranced with essential oils, it leaves behind a light blend of clean linen, woody vanilla, and delicate floral undertones, to add a touch of luxury to your day.

Our Silkening Lotion is a far-spreading, fast  absorbing, Hyaluronic Acid heavy anti-aging moisturizer. Made to support your skin’s collagen development with a luxuriously soft touch, silky smoothness, nourishing dry skin.

Finally, our Hair Oil from Heidi Hair by Heidi Callender™ is the ultimate in softness for any hair, plus nourishes the skin under it! Elevate your daily hair care, beard or chest hair regimen with our fast-absorbing, smoothing oil. Control frizz and fly aways, and nourish the skin under your hair. No more frizzy heads, scratchy beards with flyaways or coarse chest hair. Our Hair Oil ensures luxuriously soft touch, silky smoothness, hair on your head, face, or body while nourishing the skin under it. 

Experience the simplicity of premium beauty with all-natural, versatile Heidi Skin by Heidi Callender™ skincare and Heidi Hair by Heidi Callender™ haircare products. Unleash the power of effective cleansing, ultimate skin rejuvenation, experience Full Body Anti-Aging, long-lasting freshness, beautiful skin, and nourished hair. Elevate your skincare and hair care rituals and experience the luxury of velvety-soft skin and nourished, manageable hair. Discover the perfect harmony between simplicity and effectiveness, all in a single product line of solutions.



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