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Heidi Callender™ 

Born out of Love & Spirit...

Heidi Skin by Heidi Callender™ evolved over ten years with the invention of our flagship Silver Serum by Heidi and her mom, Holly (pictured). Their incentive was to save time and money by creating an all-in-one, multi-use serum to repair any skin anywhere and still have premium beauty results. They did it!! SOS 4:7. Clear your cluttered countertops of pricey peptides, sticky lotions, and irritating antioxidants. This product line now has more everyday products for everyone. Like our full body deodorant spray (competing with LUME®) -  replace your sticks & stones with an aluminium-free 100% natural deodorant and on-the-go when there's no time to shower. Replace cleansers and lotions. Our nourishing face + body cleanser and our fast-absorbing Hyaluronic lotion won't break down or dry out your skin. Repair yourself overnight with egg membrane backed by a clinical study. No stress, one & done!

Heidi Hair by Heidi Callender™ is a full body approach to hair care. From frizzy heads to flyaway beards or coarse chest nests, this hair line promotes full body anti-aging through salons and beauticians. Luk 12:7.  Save time & money! Replace your hair and beard products for one & done, any hair anywhere oil that does it all, even nourishing the skin under it!
Clothed by Heidi Callender™...coming soon. "Don’t change!" in our clothing line from diverse designers, creating all day couture cuts that don't change from the beach to the opera. Rev 19:8.

Our product lines continue to grow with The Spirit and our mission. Zec 4:6. Everyday products for every body that help you love yourself, as yourself. Gal 5:14™ 

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Love yourself, as yourself. Gal 5:14

An anti-aging lifestyle is about more than glowing skin, great hair, or a fit fanny. Mat. 6:33. It’s an eternity-minded approach to everday choices that restore your youth. Ps. 103:5. Who are you? Gen 32:28. Be confident seeing yourself as God sees you - as His friend, made in His image. John 15:15. A wisp of dust. Ps. 103:14. Yet, with Him we never die. Ecc. 12:7. Welcome to eternity! 2 Pe. 3:8. We are already in it, so just rest. Is. 40:31. Shocker, you can't take money with you! Ps. 37. Let go, He will do it. Duet 8:18. Choose a lifestyle that restores your youth, one day at a time. 

We want product fans! When you try them, you will love them!!

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All Natural Ingredients.

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Safe and effective for your whole body.

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Multi-use products to simplify your routine.

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Formulated for high absorption.

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Who is Heidi Callender...

...and why does it matter?! My story is your story, and so many others. We push ourselves to burnout, trying to love and be loved without loving ourselves as ourselves. Then, we wonder why it all falls apart. Like me, you may be struggling to balance self-care and your job or family. Maybe you have always felt there's more you could do but just don’t have the time or energy to give yourself love. Maybe shame, guilt or anger kept you from being able to love yourself, like it did to me. I said, no more!

I have been lawyering, lobbying, mothering, mentoring, piloting, consulting, advocating, speaking, writing, listeningworking, defending ...toiling by the sweat of my brow. Gen 3:19. Not loving myself or knowing my authentic self led to internal unhappiness and eventually outward sickness. That sick pit was my catalyst to let go and let God pivot my life to love and launch Heidi Callender™ brands.

Heidi Callender™ doesn't do pies like Marie Callender® (even though we have some Crum's). It's created to be a household brand with everyday products for every body. Devoted to helping fans choose peace over chaos, clean living over fast living, faith words over fear words, I will continue to create innovative solutions that help you love yourself, as yourself. Gal. 5:14.™

Heidi Callender, CEO

P.s. I love a good read! Aside from my audible Bible, here are some of my favs right now...
The Body Keeps Score, Bessel van der Kolk
A Confession, Leo Tolstoy
- The Book of Mysteries, Jonathan Cahn
- The Four Loves, C.S. Lewis
- Boundaries, Cloud & Townsend
- Daring Greatly, Brene Brown
- Healing the Wounded Soul, Katie Souza
- The Doctors Blackwell, Janice P. Nimura
- The Splendid and the Vile, Erik Larson
- Unleash the Power Within, Tony Robbins
- Courts of Heaven, Robert Henderson
- Innovator's Dilemma, Clayton M. Christensen 
- The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell
- Failure of Capitalism, Richard A. Posner
- Reading Law, Antonin Scalia
- Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand
- I'm just a Lobbyist, Neil Clark

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